Organizing Your Garage – Zoning it Out!

Garage Organization

Are you getting tired of having to park the car outside? If you can’t get your car into the garage you run the risk of ruining the new finish on the car.  With an organized garage you can say goodbye to the bird crap, UV damage, exposure to the elements and tree sap.

The best way to organize a garage is to create a layout with multiple storage zones. There should be space for all of the family’s needs. Dad needs a tool area and workspace, Mom needs storage for all of her decorations and house-ware, and the kids will need an area to store bikes and larger toys. Not to mention a car or two.

The easiest way to get this type of space is to preplan several different storage zones.

1. First, start with an area that caters to Frequently Used Items, such as lawn gear, sports gear, GOLF CLUBS, and cleaning supplies. This high traffic area should be equipped with bins and storage lockers that are easy to reach into and easy to keep organized. These items should  be placed close to the garage door with easy access to the outside.

2. Second, think about House Care Items that might be needed at a moments notice. This would include: dog food, canned goods, water bottles, recyclables, and cleaning supplies. These should all be stored close to the entrance to your house. A great way to keep this area organized is to add in shelving and storage bins against the inside wall.

3. Third, think about Large Item Storage. This could be camping gear, holiday decor, or even that spare mattress. These items should be stored high up. That could in top cabinets or hung from different types of hooks. Be mindful or storage conditions in the garage to keep from ruining anything due to heat fluctuations, mildew, or the occasional pest.

4. Next comes the Workspace, this is the hobby space for the entire family. You will need a versatile tool bench, cabinets for lots of different types of storage, and a flat surface to do small projects on. Consider a couple of different things for this area: storage hooks, shelves, pegs, and overhead storage cabinets.

5. Finally, the Transition Area. The transition area is where the family keeps shoes, bags, and jackets, if you don’t have a built in mudroom. This area will need lots of hanging hooks and shoe racks. This should be a natural area for the family. That means it needs to be right next to the entrance to the home and easily accessed for grabbing things going in and out.

BUT! Don’t forget – THE CAR ZONE! The garage is for your car. Keep it clean and safe by saving some room to park.

When you are planning areas for garage storage, don’t forget to preplan. Planning will keep an easy project from becoming a big headache!