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Closet Solutions for Kids


At Perfection Custom Closets we believe that there is a closet for any age or time in life, our Closet Design Consultants are experts at crafting solutions for your Kid’s Room and their changing organization needs. Children need organization spaces that will grow with them. This includes space for toys, clothes, and even areas to study.

Change is the name of the game: A babies room needs safe space for floor play and plenty of storage for diapers, wipes and the endless amount of new parent equipment. A few years later, that same kid’s room will benefit from drawers to house toys. And just a few years after that, your child will want an area for art projects and homework.

Here are some tips to help you plan out the Perfect Kid’s Closet:

  • Having a shelving unit that can equip drawers or not will make the storage needs more flexible as your child grows
  • Think small when organizing clothing for kids. They have a habit or sifting through things and even dumping out whole bins! Smaller drawers, cubbies, and storage bins make it easier for your kids to find what they need. Put toys and clothes in shallow, easy to riffle though bins, or on shelves that are in plain sight.
  • Adding doors to a storage area can help hide some of an older child’s messes and it also gives them a more personal space 
  • Adjustable rods and poles allow a closet to evolve as baby’s clothes become toddler’s, then grade-schooler’s and ultimately, a teenager
  • Get kid’s involved in the design process. They will be more excited about their new closet system if they get to make small suggestions to the design and lay-out. Plus, it is a fun way to bound with your children

Although children don’t often see eye-to-eye with their parents on what a tidy room may look like, if there’s a home for their various personal belongings, it’s more likely to end up there! The benefits of an adjustable system can go a long way for the changing needs of a child’s closet.